How to Bypass FRP Lock on Samsung Phones (2023)

Locked out of your Samsung? Learn easy steps to bypass FRP and regain access.

If you can’t use your Samsung phone because of an FRP (Factory Reset Protection) lock, you’re not the only one. This usually happens after you reset your phone and forget the Google account details linked to it. Whether you bought a used phone or just forgot your Google account information, this lock stops you from using your phone fully. So, it’s important to get around this lock to get full access to your device.

Fortunately, there are multiple methods to bypass the Google account verification and remove the FRP lock. Let’s explore these options.

Why Bypass FRP Lock on Samsung Phones?

If you want to sell your Samsung phone or just start over with it, you might do a factory reset. But if you’ve used a Google account on the phone before, doing so will activate a security feature called FRP (Factory Reset Protection) lock.

This feature will ask you to enter your Google account details linked to the phone. If you’ve forgotten these details or bought a used phone without the previous owner’s Google password, you’ll need to get around this lock to use your phone again.

Methods to Bypass FRP Lock on Samsung Phones

Here are three effective methods to remove the FRP lock off your Samsung device, you can do it with an

1. Bypass FRP Lock on Samsung with 4uKey for Android

One efficient method for bypassing the FRP lock on your Samsung phone is by using Tenoshare’s 4uKey for Android. This tool offers a reliable and user-friendly way to regain control of your device without needing your Google account credentials.

Learn more about 4uKey for Android.

Here’s some information on what this tool is capable of:

  • Speedy FRP Bypass: Within minutes, this tool can help you effectively bypass the FRP lock on your Samsung phone, allowing you to regain access without a Google account.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed for ease of use, you don’t have to be tech-savvy to navigate through the FRP bypass process. The tool provides straightforward instructions that you can follow at home.
  • Wide Compatibility: It supports Android 6 and newer versions, offering tailored solutions for different operating systems. This increases the likelihood of successfully bypassing Google account verification.
  • Secure and Trustworthy: Advanced encryption technologies are employed to safeguard your data. The tool also guarantees a malware-free experience, prioritizing your privacy and device security.

And here’s a step-by-step guide on how to remove the FRP lock on your Samsung phone using 4uKey for Android:

  1. Open the 4uKey for Android application on your computer and select ‘Remove Google Lock (FRP)’. Then, connect your Samsung phone to the computer. Choose the operating system version for your device and click ‘Start’.
  2. 4uKey for Android Remove Google Lock screen
  3. Confirm your device’s operating system version and click ‘Start’ once more. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen to begin the FRP removal process.
  4. Verify OS version screen
  5. A message will pop up on your Samsung phone. Choose ‘Always allow from this computer’ and tap ‘OK’. This will enable USB debugging. After that, click ‘OK’ on the computer screen.
  6. USB Debugging prompt on Samsung phone
  7. Wait for 4uKey for Android to finish the Google account removal process. Your Samsung phone will restart automatically. Complete the setup by following the on-screen instructions.
  8. Samsung phone rebooting after Google account removal

For a visual guide on the FRP removal process with 4uKey for Android, you can also watch the following video:

2. Bypass FRP Lock on Samsung via TalkBack

If you find yourself locked out of your Android phone, another alternative to bypass the FRP lock is by using Google’s TalkBack.

Be aware that this method is more complicated and is only effective for Android versions 5.0 to 7.0. Additionally, you’ll need an active Samsung account and another Samsung phone to execute this technique.

Learn more about Talkback.

Here’s how to bypass the Google account on your Samsung device using Google TalkBack:

  1. After resetting your Samsung phone, wait for the Welcome screen to appear. Connect to a Wi-Fi network. When prompted for your Google Account, enter any text in the email ID field.
  2. Long-press the text you entered, navigate to ‘Keyboard Settings’, and then go to ‘About Samsung Keyboard’. Open the ‘Open Source License’, hold down on the agreement page, select the three dots, and tap ‘Web Search’.
  3. Return to the Wi-Fi page and press the ‘Home’ button to open Google TalkBack. In the TalkBack tutorial, draw an ‘L’ shape on the screen to access the ‘Global Context Menu’. From there, choose ‘Talkback Settings’.
  4. Press both Volume buttons simultaneously to display a dialog box. Confirm with ‘OK’ to suspend TalkBack. Revisit ‘TalkBack Settings’, select ‘Help & Feedback’, and then choose ‘Get Started with Voice Access’.
  5. Play a YouTube video, tap the link at the top, and open the YouTube app. Go to ‘Terms & Privacy Policy’, then tap ‘Cancel’ to reach the ‘Terms of Service’ page. Search for ‘Lavileztechservice’ to find ‘Andoes Launcher’.
  6. Download either ‘anddoes.launcher.apk’ or ‘quickshortcutmaker-2-4-0.apk’ as needed. Once downloaded, open ‘Anddoes launcher’ from either your ‘Download History’ or the notification bar. In the dialog that appears, tap ‘Settings’, navigate to ‘Unknown Sources’, uncheck the selected option, and tap ‘OK’.
  7. Install the launcher and go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Lock Screen & Security’ > ‘Other Security Settings’. Disable ‘Find My Device’ under ‘Device Administrators’. Also, disable ‘Google Account Manager’ and ‘Google Play Services’ under ‘Apps’.
  8. Install ‘Technocare’ from your download history. Open the app and proceed with the installation. Navigate to ‘Settings’ and find ‘Clouds’.
  9. Click on ‘Accounts’, choose ‘Add Account’, and then select ‘Google’. Attempt to add a Google Account – it may require multiple tries. Enter a new Gmail account and verify it.
  10. Once verified, go to ‘Device Administrators’ and enable ‘Android Device Manager’. Also, ensure that ‘Google Play Services’ is enabled before restarting your Samsung phone. During the setup, tap ‘Start’, agree to the terms, and skip the network setup.
  11. In ‘Settings’, go to ‘About Phone’ > ‘Software Information’. Tap ‘Build Number’ multiple times to activate ‘Developer Mode’. Access ‘Developer Options’ and enable both ‘USB Debugging’ and ‘OEM Unlock’.
  12. Return to ‘About Phone’, select ‘Reset’, and then choose ‘Factory Data Reset’. Confirm by tapping ‘Delete All’, and the reset process will begin. After the restart, complete the setup wizard.
3. Bypass FRP Lock on Samsung Phones Without a PC

If you prefer not to use a PC for removing the FRP lock on your Samsung phone, you can opt for this alternative method. Specifically, you can use an FRP Bypass APK, which is especially useful for Android 11 devices.

Here’s how to get it done:

  1. Connect your Samsung device to a Wi-Fi network. Tap the arrow icon next to the Wi-Fi network name and select ‘Manage Network Settings’. Then, go to the ‘Static IP’ option and choose ‘IP Address’.
  2. Managing Network Settings on Samsung device
  3. Input any value into the IP address field and hold it down to reveal the ‘Web Search’ option. Search for ‘FRP Bypass APK’ and download the APK file from a trustworthy source. Install the APK on your device.
  4. Launch the FRP Bypass APK and go to the ‘Settings’ menu. Select the ‘Try’ option, then navigate to ‘Fingerprints, Face, and Password’. Choose ‘Screen Lock’ and then ‘Pattern’ to create a new pattern lock.
  5. FRP Bypass APK Settings
  6. After setting up the new pattern, return to the APK’s main interface and input the pattern you just created. Tap ‘Skip’ to successfully disable the FRP lock on your device.


If you own a Samsung phone and have forgotten your initial Google account password, performing a factory reset can trigger an FRP or Google lock. Fortunately, we’ve outlined three methods to help you bypass the FRP lock on your Samsung device.

If you’re looking for an automated solution, consider downloading the free Tenorshare 4uKey for Android tool on your PC. This tool can help you bypass the FRP lock within minutes, eliminating the need for Google account verification.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How Can I Disable FRP on Android?

To disable FRP (Factory Reset Protection) on your Android device, navigate to the “Settings” menu. From there, select “Accounts” and choose the Google account associated with your device. Tap the “More” option located in the top-right corner and then select “Remove Account.”

2. Can I Use "Find My Mobile" to Unlock FRP Lock on My Samsung Phone?

No, “Find My Mobile” cannot be used to unlock the FRP lock on your Samsung device. However, if you are locked out of your phone’s screen, you can use “Find My Mobile” to unlock it.

3. What Is the Recommended FRP Unlocker for Samsung Phones?

The recommended tool for removing Google or FRP locks on Samsung phones is Tenorshare 4uKey for Android. Not only does it specialize in FRP lock removal, but it also offers a variety of other features. The tool is compatible with older Samsung models like the Galaxy S5, Note 3, and Note 4, and allows you to bypass FRP locks without losing any data. It also supports newer Android versions, including One UI 3, One UI 4, and even offers Vivo y21 FRP bypass for Android 12. Additionally, Tenorshare 4uKey can help you delete Google accounts and unlock various types of screen locks such as PIN codes, passwords, facial recognition, patterns, and fingerprint locks.