50+ Useful Safari Keyboard Shortcuts

As Apple’s flagship browser, Safari is known for its speed, privacy features, and user-friendly interface. It is the go-to browser for many iOS and macOS users, ranging from professionals to students and casual surfers.

Safari for Mac

In this post, we’ll show you a list of more than 50 keyboard shortcuts for desktop Safari. Whether you’re a multitasking pro or someone who just wants to make their online activities a bit smoother, these keyboard shortcuts are sure to come in handy.

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Jump to Safari shortcuts for: Current Webpage, Tabs and Navigation, Bookmarks, Reading List, and others.

Current Webpage

Action Mac
Search Web Page Command + F
Highlight Next Field or Menu Tab
Highlight Next Field, Menu, or Clickable Item Option + Tab
Restore Web Page Address in Smart Search Escape
Select Smart Search Field Command + L
Print Web Page Command + P
Copy Selected Item Command + C
Paste Recently Copied Item Command + V
Scroll Page Arrow Keys
Scroll (Large Increments) Option + Arrow Keys
Scroll Down One Screen Page Down / Space
Scroll Up One Screen Page Up / Shift + Space
Scroll to Corner of Web Page Command + / Command +
Exit full-screen view Escape
Zoom website content Command + + / Command +
Zoom website text Press Option while you choose View > Make Text Bigger or View > Make Text Smaller

Tabs and Navigation

Action Mac
Show Tab Overview Shift + Command + \
Open Web Page in New Tab Command + Click
Make New Tab Active Shift + Command + Click
Go to Next Tab Control + Tab
Go to Previous Tab Shift + Command + [
Select One of First Nine Tabs Command + 1 to 9
Close Active Tab Command + W
Close All Tabs Except One Option + Click Close Button
Reopen Last Closed Tab Shift + Command + T
Switch to Another Safari Window Command + `
Reopen Last Closed Window Shift + Command + T


Action Mac
Add Bookmark to Favourites Bar Drag URL Icon to Favourites Bar
Open All Bookmarks from Folder in Favourites Command + Click Folder
Move Bookmark in Favourites Bar Drag Bookmark Left / Right
Remove Bookmark from Favourites Bar Drag Bookmark off Top Bar
Toggle Bookmarks Sidebar Control + Command + 1
Select Bookmarks in Sidebar Command + Click
Extend Selection Shift + Click
Navigate Bookmark/Folder /
Open Selected Bookmark Space
Open Selected Folder Space /
Close Selected Folder Space /
Edit Bookmark Name/Address Enter
Cancel Edit Escape
Confirm Edit Enter
Create New Folder Option + Click New Folder
Delete Bookmark Control + Click + Delete

Reading List

Action Mac
Show/Hide Reading List Sidebar Control + Command + 2
Add Current Web Page Shift + Command + D
Add Linked Web Page Shift + Click Link
Remove Web Page Control + Click Remove Item
Open Reader Shift + Command + R
Close Reader Esc

Other Shortcuts

Action Mac
Go to Homepage Shift + Command + H
Change Settings Command + ,
Go Back to Previous Web Page Command + [
Go Forward to Next Web Page Command + ]
See List of Recently Visited Web Pages by Name Press and hold the Back / Forward button until list appears
See List of Recently Visited Web Pages by Web Address Press Option, then press and hold the Back / Forward button until list appears
Download Linked File Option + Click a Link
Open Downloaded File Double-click File in Downloads List