90+ Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac’s Terminal

The macOS Terminal is a powerful shell tool that serves as an essential app for developers, system administrators, and even everyday users. This app for developers and others allows you to interact with your computer’s operating system through text-based commands, making it easier to perform tasks more efficiently.

Mac's Terminal

Keyboard shortcuts for the Terminal can significantly speed up your workflow, enabling you to execute commands, navigate files, and manage your system with just a few key presses. In this post, you will find more than 90 Terminal keyboard shortcuts that will help you do just that.

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Terminal Windows and Tabs

Action Shortcut
New Window Command + N
Duplicate Window Control + Command + N
New Tab Command + T
Duplicate Tab Control + Command + T
Toggle Tab Bar Shift + Command + T
Show All Tabs Shift + Command + \
New Command Shift + Command + N
New Remote Connection Shift + Command + K
Toggle Inspector Command + I
Edit Title Shift + Command + I
Edit Background Color Command + Option + I
Increase Font Size Command + +
Decrease Font Size Command +
Next Window Command + `
Previous Window Command + Shift + ~
Next Tab Control + Tab
Previous Tab Control + Shift + Tab
Split Window Command + D
Close Split Pane Shift + Command + D
Close Tab Command + W
Close Window Shift + Command + W
Close Other Tabs Command + Option + W
Close All Option + Shift + Command + W
Scroll Top Command + Home
Scroll Bottom Command + End
Page Up Command + Page Up
Page Down Command + Page Down
Line Up Command + Option + Page Up
Line Down Command + Option + Page Down

Editing Command Lines

Action Shortcut
Reposition Cursor Hold Option + Move Pointer
Cursor to Line Start Control + A
Cursor to Line End Control + E
Cursor Forward 1 Char
Cursor Backward 1 Char
Cursor Forward 1 Word Option +
Cursor Backward 1 Word Option +
Delete Line Control + U
Delete to Line End Control + K
Delete to Word End Option + D
Delete to Word Start Control + W
Delete 1 Char Delete
Forward Delete 1 Char Forward Delete (or use Fn + Delete)
Transpose Characters Control + T

Select and Finding Text

Action Shortcut
Select File Path Shift + Command + Double-Click Path
Select Line Triple-Click Line
Select Word Double-Click Word
Select URL Shift + Command + Double-Click URL
Select Rectangular Block Hold Option + Drag
Cut Command + X
Copy Command + C
Copy w/o Background Color Control + Shift + Command + C
Copy Plain Text Option + Shift + Command + C
Paste Command + V
Paste Selection Shift + Command + V
Paste Escaped Text Control + Command + V
Paste Escaped Selection Control + Shift + Command + V
Find Command + F
Find Next Command + G
Find Previous Command + Shift + G
Find Using Selected Text Command + E
Jump to Selected Text Command + J
Select All Command + A
Open Character Viewer Control + Command + Space

Marks and Bookmarks

Action Shortcut
Mark Command + U
Mark as Bookmark Command + Option + U
Unmark Shift + Command + U
Mark Line & Send Enter Command + Enter
Send Enter w/o Marking Shift + Command + Enter
Insert Bookmark Shift + Command + M
Insert Named Bookmark Option + Shift + Command + M
Jump to Previous Mark Command +
Jump to Next Mark Command +
Jump to Previous Bookmark Command + Option +
Jump to Next Bookmark Command + Option +
Clear to Previous Mark Command + L
Clear to Previous Bookmark Command + Option + L
Clear to Start Command + K
Select Between Marks Shift + Command + A

Other Shortcuts

Action Shortcut
Toggle Full Screen Control + Command + F
Toggle Colors Shift + Command + C
Open Settings Command + ,
Break Command + .
Print Command + P
Soft Reset Emulator Option + Command + R
Hard Reset Emulator Control + Option + Command + R
Open URL Hold Command + Double-Click URL
Add Complete File Path Drag File from Finder
Export Text Command + S
Export Selected Text Shift + Command + S
Reverse Search Command History Control + R
Toggle Mouse Reporting Command + R
Toggle Use Option as Meta Key Command + Option + O
Show Alternate Screen Shift + Command +
Hide Alternate Screen Shift + Command +
Open Man Page for Selection Control + Shift + Command + ?
Search Man Page Index for Selection Control + Option + Command + /
Complete Directory or File Name Type Characters + Tab
Display Possible Directory or File Name Completions Type Characters + Tab Twice