How to Create AI Stickers in WhatsApp

Generative AI is now available on WhatsApp. Creating custom stickers in WhatsApp has become more accessible, and there’s no need for specialized knowledge. For those who use WhatsApp, it’s worth noting that Meta has recently updated its popular messaging app, WhatsApp, introducing the ability to create AI-based stickers with ease.

AI stickers feature in WhatsApp

All you need to do is go into a specific chat message in WhatsApp and tap on the sticker icon next to the text input.

Sticker icon in WhatsApp chat

Then, tap “Create.”

Create button for AI stickers

Type in a brief description of the sticker you’d like.

Input prompt for sticker description

It will automatically generate four stickers for you.

Four generated AI stickers

If you find one you like, simply tap on the specific sticker to send it to the chat. If not, just type in another prompt.

Generated AI stickers selection

Another great thing about this new feature is that you can save the sticker and reuse it anytime you wish.

Option to reuse saved AI stickers

You don’t necessarily need to create custom AI stickers on the go when chatting with others. You can message yourself, create custom stickers, save them, and then send them whenever you want.