20+ Fresh Resources & Tools For Web Designers

Finding web design tools, services, or resources you could use is not necessarily all that much of a challenge. The marketplace is full of them, and there are many good ones in each category. The difficulty lies in locating a product or service that is best suited for your work.

Websites that describe a product’s or service’s features in detail will often provide the information you need to decide. And that’s what this post is going to do. The web design products and services listed here are top quality. Otherwise, they wouldn’t make a list.

WordPress Themes

X Theme

Users of the latest X Theme version, Version 4, are raving about it. With its app-like interface, this multi-purpose WordPress theme is the fastest-selling Themeforest theme. It has always been extremely popular with the web design community, and with this latest release, it is destined to become more popular than ever. The reason for all the excitement is this theme’s innovative front-end new page builder – Cornerstone.

Its other core features are as impressive as ever, and users still have free access to all of Themeforest’s WordPress plugins with each verified purchase. Users also have access to the incredible community site, the interesting and informational user forums, and one of the finest customer support teams to be found anywhere. When you purchase a license for X for your sites, you purchase a product and access to its supporting features that are second to none in the industry.

x theme

Enfold has a well-deserved reputation as being one of the more user-friendly WordPress themes, if not the friendliest, at least as far as using its drag-and-drop editor for layouts is concerned. As you create your website design, you will move seamlessly from one intuitive operation to the next and create page after page so quickly that you might wonder if you’ve skipped something!

Enfold is continually being updated and improved upon, the support is excellent, and this best-rated top seller on Themeforest will likely maintain that status for a long time.

Be Theme

With over 40 impressive core features, over 100 high-quality pre-made layouts, and support that deserves a perfect 10 rating, translate into a WordPress theme that fully deserves to be called “Big” – in every sense of the word. You won’t have to worry about coding when you use this theme to create your websites because Be’s developers certainly paid close attention to their coding when they developed it.

This theme is lightning-fast and fully compatible with everything you would expect a premium theme to be. A large number of topical pre-made layouts serve as valuable design concepts, and as they are 100% editable, they make this theme one of the most versatile themes on the market, and Be’s support is not merely great – it’s world-class.

be theme

Website Builders and Platforms


Think Lego with bricks that can be modified to suit your needs, and you will understand how XPRS functions. Its building block methodology, combined with tons of professional templates and a no-coding-required web scheme called POLYDOMS, allows you to create anything in a matter of minutes, as easy as pie, and have fun doing so! XPRS will cut your design workload in half.

Designers would probably love their White Label offering of $250 for unlimited websites. That’s a huge cut on expenses if you use a similar solution. The websites you build will be responsive, and a free e-Commerce solution is included. You can try out XPRS for free and continue to use it for free for non-commercial purposes.


Webydo offers a code-free, web design cloud platform that empowers design professionals to lead the website creation market, providing a compelling alternative for designers looking to break away from the traditional process of handling the work. With Webydo, professional designers can create responsive websites. Moreover, instead of using several different tools for prototyping, wire-framing, managing, and publishing, Webydo provides an all-in-one solution.

Excelling in design craftsmanship demands using the right tools: developers have WordPress; amateurs have Wix, Weebly and Squarespace. Designers have Webydo. This SaaS platform is led by its designer community of more than 175,000 designers and web agencies. In a radically democratic process, these designers decide which features should be developed and added to the platform.


WordPress Page Builders


Cutting-edge, innovative, state-of-the-art – chose your superlative. It will likely fit the description of the newest and most exciting page builder to enter the market, Cornerstone. Cornerstone builds pages the way they should be built; by using a frontend editor in combination with a preview display that shows you what is happening on your page as it is happening. When Themeco introduced this page builder to the world, the response was much greater than anticipated. Users raved about this new product, and they are still doing so.

Themify Flow

Drop in your layout modules set your options, and away you go. Themify Flow will show you the status of your layout instantly, giving you total control of your design modules and layouts. The live preview makes styling a piece of cake, particularly with the Styling panel that gives you endless styling options. Since this page builder is open source, it is free to use.

Themify Flow<

Project Management and Collaboration Tools


Nutcache is appropriately named. It excels at saving important things until they are needed and then locating them and displaying them appropriately. It is a project management tool that also serves as an online team collaboration tool. No matter the size of your business or your team, it will assist you in efficiently and effectively organizing, tracking, invoicing, and receiving payments. You can also organize and track diverse collections of ideas, memos, etc., and display statuses using easy-to-understand graphical representations.


Designs to Code Conversion Services


PSDGator comprises a small web development team that is big in providing conversion services. They specialize in converting your Photoshop designs into clean, hand-coded HTML/CSS that is responsive, SEO optimized, and optimized for speed. They always review your design submissions before converting them to code to see if some problems or issues need to be addressed.

Direct Basing

Direct Basing offers HTML5 slicing service. Slicing is what they do best, and they do it very well. In addition to their standard service, they will perform PSD to Responsive and Email HTML5 slicings as well, or if you wish, they will convert your PSD to a WordPress template. This slicing service’s clients range from freelancers to Fortune 500 companies.

direct basing
40 Dollar Markup

40 Dollar Markup is another quality PSD to code conversion service provider. Automated coding techniques are not a part of their MO. The final product is always hand-coded, clean, and optimized for excellent performance; features automated systems are not always capable of delivering. This outstanding conversion service has a record of supporting its deliverables fully. If you have a website you wish to have converted to responsive code, they will do that as well.

40 dollar markup

Hosting Services

Glow Host

Glowhost has servers located in 16 worldwide data centers. The hosting services it has been providing for 15 years have given this company a well-deserved reputation for the industry’s fastest and most accurate web hosting support. If speed or reliable service has been a problem for you in the past, this hosting service, which specializes in managed dedicated servers, managed cloud servers, and complex server clusters, is worth a look.

Glow Host

It takes about a minute of your time to deploy a Digital Ocean SSD-based cloud server. You will gain access to high-performance SSD hard drives and a flexible applications program interface, as well as access to the data center that is located nearest to you. Your server will be provisioned in as little as 55 seconds; it will feature a 1 GB/sec bandwidth and an initial 1 TB storage capacity.

Digital Oceandigital ocean

Stock Photo Agencies


Bigstock is an excellent resource for images, whether you are designing flyers or brochures or creating a website. You can get started by signing up for a 7-day free trial, diving into their awesome collection of 26 million or so high-quality stock images, and selecting up to 35 images for free. 26 million is a large number, but the images are extremely well organized, and finding what you need is rarely a problem.


Stockfresh, with its millions of stock photos, vectors, and illustrations, features the best prices on the market. You can pre-pay and download your selections if you only need a few images; if you intend to use this service regularly, you can save up to 60% or more by signing up for a subscription service. Since their website is responsive, you can even browse their selections and order images from your mobile device.


Web Apps


If you have been looking for a web app that is the right solution for your email marketing campaign, Sendloop is an excellent choice. This package features a drag-n-drop email builder and an online image editor. A comprehensive selection of mobile device-ready email templates are also included, and a professional HTML email editor is also a part of the package for those with HTML coding skills, but coding is not necessary to make full use of this app.


Forms used to be a necessary evil, but no more. Typeform is on a mission to make forms awesome. You can conduct surveys, send out feedback forms, make landing pages, throw a contest, or give your students a test. Start building something cool today. Core features are free, but try their Pro plan if you’re a power user.


Icons and Fonts

Icons Responsive

With a library consisting of more than 1000 icons and counting, Icons Responsive is an excellent resource in your designer’s toolkit. These unique items are responsive and pixel-perfect and easily scalable. The icons come in sizes ranging from 16×16 pixels to 128×128 pixels and in outline, flat-filled, and round container styles. Since the icons are presented in vector format, they can easily be edited.

icons responsive


All of the products and services that are listed here are top quality. Whether you are looking for a premium theme, an app, a website, page building solution, or design resources and services, you won’t make a bad choice no matter what you might select. Comparisons can be close, so you will probably want to look into one or more of these selections more closely before making a final choice.

Whether you see something you want or don’t, we would like your comments so we can continue to offer the best recommendations in our future listings.