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  Explore Australia is a multimedia resource about Australia for students and teachers. expaus_vbanner.jpg

The aim of the kit is to inform young people living in Arab countries about various aspects of life in Australia, particularly the lifestyle of young people ‘Down Under’.

The kit has initially been made available to schools in Kuwait, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates as a gift from the young people of Australia to the young people of these Arab countries.

We hope that through knowledge there will be increased contact and understanding between young people of both regions.

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Details of contents

Main areas of exploration

To obtain a kit

Details of contents  
The kit contains:  

— A Video, containing six short segments or case studies of aspects of Australia and Australian life. Each segment, with the exception of Snapshot of Australia (14 minutes), is about eight minutes long. The segments are narrated firstly in Arabic, followed by an English language version. In the Arabic version there is some spoken English supported by Arabic sub titles.


— A Print Booklet, containing:

  • A Teachers’ Guide to the materials, including suggested ways of using the materials in the classroom  
  • Six units of worksheets for students, one to match each video segment
  • Answers to the worksheet questions

— A CD-ROM :

There are two CD-ROMs in the Explore Australia kit – one in Arabic and one in English.

The CD-ROM contains a series of interactive exercises for each of the six units and has the following features:

  • Video segments as outlined on the previous pages
  • Interactive exercises related to each case study — these activities include decision-making exercises, using evidence to come to conclusions, creating posters, and educational games
  • PDF files of this Teachers’ Guide so that teachers may print extra copies of worksheet pages for their students
  • A notebook function enabling students to make their own notes in English as they work through sections on the CD-ROM

A range of English language activities.

The CD-ROM has been designed so that it can be used with a class, in small groups or as an individual learning tool.

The activities are sometimes similar to those in the print resources, but sometimes they have a different focus or emphasis and a greater degree of interactive learning. Teachers should preview both the print and CD-ROM activities, and decide for themselves what will best suit their students.

The CD-ROM can be used as a classroom tool, or in a library or computer lab, or given to students for private work.

The CD-ROM is appropriate for use with both PC and Macintosh systems, and teachers are free to copy or network the disc for use in the classrooms and schools.

  Main areas of exploration
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  Top End Teenagers
- Comparing cultures by looking at young people’s lives
  Living in Sydney
- Exploring Australia’s largest city
  A Farm in the Outback
- A geographical study of a desert farm
  My Island Home
- Caring for a coastal environment
  The White Dotted Stingray
- Old and new cultures of an Aboriginal boy
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